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Moving customers just like you through their unique fitness and wellness journey for over 23 years.

"Whatever Your goal may be, it matters!"

We pay close attention to the exact nature of what it is you want, so we can deliver a customer centered, uniquely tailored, personal training experience that best serves your personal desire. 

Qualified and Experienced to deliver Personal Training Services in:

  • Weight Loss

  • If you are struggling with weight loss - come train with Coach Ozzie over at Powerhouse Gym Long Island City. He is a certified Weight Loss Specialist and can help you with your weight loss journey.

  • Physique

  • Have you been trying to get a desired result with your body only to fall short? Its okay. You're not alone and we want to help. When you train with Coach Ozzie, you can get your desired look. To find out more, just click the button below.

  • Motivation

  • If you're tired of not having motivation - Come train with a Functional Movement Specialist who will motivate you to move right and have fun doing it! Don't get lost doing it alone, come join and get results with a friendly Elite Personal Trainer.

  • Strength

  • Are you struggling carrying heavy things? Do you want to have a stronger body? If you want to get fitter with the right workouts, we can help you with that. Join us and get stronger, healthier, and enjoy your workout with us. Click below to book your first session.

    About the CEO

    Azael "Coach Ozzie" Montejo Jr.

    CEO of OPTApp & Elite Personal Trainer

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Highly Recommended

    A great coach can change a life. Azael Montejo Jr. aka Coach Ozzie has personal experience training thousands of clients and helping them achieve their fitness goals. 

    If you're looking for an Amazing, Caring, and Skilled Personal Trainer to help you succeed with your fitness journey, look no further! Located at Powerhouse Gym Long Island City for easy access to LIC and NY area residents. 

    Located at Powerhouse Gym Long Island City for easy access to LIC and NY area residents. 

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    Offer Valid for New Customers Only. Additional Terms and conditions apply when you sign up to receive your FREE personal training sessions.

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    We want to share with you our community so you feel safe coming to visit us, workout with us, and get healthy with us!

    You can be a part of our family where we help you feel safe, get stronger, faster, and look amazing at the same time! We want you to enjoy your experience because we value our members and share honesty, friendliness, and integrity with each other!

  • Connections

  • If you've been striving to build a connection with good people in the health and fitness industry, this is your chance. When you come train with us, you'll be connected with our family of friends where we help each other grow.

  • Values

  • Our values are to give you the sense of safety to fit in at whichever part of your journey you're at. We value caring for one another and making sure you have a great experience. We value partnering with one another to help each other succeed.

  • Mission

  • Our mission is to create a wonderful personal training experience for all who come and participate. If it's for you to learn new skills, or to change your body, or even to get healthier and grow together with other people with similar goals, we want you to have it.

  • Community

  • Becoming a part of our community means you get to learn from us and others. Our partners are friendly and you'll be entering into our space where you can feel comfortable and enjoy being yourself while you workout with us.


    Powerhouse Gym Long Island City

    Powerhouse Gym and OPTApp have joined forces to bring you a wonderful personal training experience.

    OPTApp is at Powerhouse Gym Long Island City

    We want the best for you and when the two decided to work together, it was for the same cause. To help you achieve your results.

    If you'd like to train with us - you can get started by clicking the button below or visit us and ask about OPTApp and Coach Ozzie.

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