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Personal Training Session(s)

Certified Personal Trainer

When you sign up, you'll be set up with a Certified Personal Trainer with 23 years experience

Beginner-Proof Training

Even if you're new to fitness, when you sign up, you'll feel safe and secure while you progress.

Authentic Guarantee

When you signup, you're guaranteed to train with a Certified Elite Personal Trainer who will give you 110% effort to skyrocket your results.

Done-With-You Program

You don't have to do it all by yourself. I will have your back throughout the entire process so you can succeed faster.

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I'm in Long Island City and I was looking for a personal trainer who would understand my needs. I searched online but couldn't find an answer. Then my friend recommended I go with Coach Ozzie because he's really good. After training with him, I knew that he was a different kind of trainer. He taught me everything I know and I'm able to go to the gym confidently while people ask me how I look the way I look.

Manli Cho

Business Analyst

I'm in N.Y. and I trained with Coach Ozzie because he is a nice guy and he just made me feel comfortable. I didn't know what I was getting myself into but one thing I did know is that I wanted to get results. Ozzie taught me how to properly lift heavy weights, how to do certain moves to get extra results, and he's just overall a great guy!

Steph Wang

Lead Product Developer

What More People Are Saying About My Coaching

"This is everything that you need to kickstart your fitness journey and start the healthy life style that gives you the confidence to build your body in the way you desire."

If you don't know where to begin, Coach Ozzie will help you by guiding you where you didn't even know you could go!

If you're looking to get stronger, fitter, and get in shape, Coach Ozzie is the Personal Trainer you're looking for!

If you're looking for the best personal trainer in Long Island City, then train with Coach Ozzie.

Powerhouse Gym LIC

30-30 Northern Blvd.

Long Island City, NY.


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